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Monday, June 29, 2009

Second Book Angst

When The Key released, I had no idea it would be another two years before I wrote the next book. Life happens. It happened to me. Life quit happening quite so much and I've been hunkered down, working on the next book: Girl Gone Nova. I shouldn't have second book angst, when I'm working on book nine (if you only count fiction).

But The Key won the Dream Realm award and took a bronze IPPY. That's a bit of pressure to deliver on the next book. Reviews and reader feedback have been great, too. That pressure had me almost banging my head against the wall (I would have banged my head against the wall, but they have this rough texture. So not worth it.) for the last few months, but I do have a rough draft!

Now I just have to edit it and get it turned in.

I didn't think I'd ever like any character as much as I liked Sara (okay, I always feel this and I always believe it, but Sara was pretty cool, IMHO), but Doc, the female lead in this book is pretty fun (not just my HO, but that my beta readers!). I know that just because me and my beta readers like the book, that doesn't mean readers will, too.

So that got me wondering, do readers have second book angst, too? Do you worry that an author is going to let you down with the next book? How much hope do you feel when you find a book you love? Do you give the author another chance? Or is that it? You move on? (Like I need more angst in my life...)

Okay, need to get back to my edits, but inquiring minds needed to know. Maybe.
Perilously yours,


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