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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Accidentally Paranormal

This is a story about writing a book, rewriting a book, then writing a book you didn't know you wrote.

Back in December 2007, I had this brilliant idea to pen a "ride along" piece for a paranormal series in development. It was supposed to be short and sweet but also representative of my writing style and this world I was trying to build. In two weeks (lucky it was the holidays) I completed about 30,000 words and was thrilled with the piece. However, I had only wanted it to be about 10,000 words and, well, the story was much more of its own entity than I had ever intended.

So I was left in a pickle. Do I flesh the story out even more and make it a full length novel? Do I cull the novel down quite a bit and go ahead with my plans to publish on my site? OR do I just submitted it to my publisher as a novella and move on to something new? I decided to take option number three. My publisher accepted the piece... Then things really got interesting.

The blending of the paranormal aspect and the strictly contemporary romance aspects of the story weren't as smooth as either I or my editor wanted. Instead of being in synch at some parts those pieces of the story seemed to war against each other. So some tough, tearful decisions had to be made.

I worked long, hard hours to strip out the paranormal second story in order to focus on this outstanding, amazing developing relationship between the principals. My editor helped me do that. She was phenomenal in keeping me on task and keeping the story very tight. By the time the novella released last month, it was something different than it was when it began, but it was still a piece of which I was very proud.

I just received a review for The Builder from The Romance Studio (5 Hearts, yay):

"A bit of the supernatural flowed in this book. Usually I don’t prefer these type books, but this is so well written that I was mesmerized. I promise you a great read from an author who obviously knows how to keep readers’ attention. I highly recommend that you read this book. "

Hey, it's subtly paranormal anyway, and successfully so, who knew? I love this story. It's been a harrowing process from the first character typed to the first copy edit, to the great reviews coming in, but goodness it's been worth it.

Grayson Reyes-Cole

The Builder available here.
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