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Saturday, February 5, 2011

New BDSM Book Release: Chains of Love

I am very pleased to present the newest release of Hot Tropica books, Chains of Love! If you love hawt men dressed in drag and werewolves who stalk the streets at night looking for their prey, then this is the book for you.

Chains of Love
by Mercedes Black
Published by Hot Tropica books
Price $5.99


Detective Colt Bacard is fighting against time to find a serial killer in Fort Lauderdale, and he is not ready to believe the superstitious nonsense that everyone else is spouting off. There's no such thing as vampires and there has got to be a simple explanation to the trademark holes in each of the victim’s neck.

He is willing to go deep undercover to find the serial killer. Even if that means he has to wear lipstick and high heels to do it.

Dressing as a female to help lure out the killer, he finds an honest to God werewolf whom he can't help but feel an attraction to.

Griffin knows better than to interfere when a human stumbles into his world, but the sexy detective has no idea of the danger he is in, or what his poking around and questions may unearth. When Colt threatens to arrest the leader of the pack of renegade vampire, Griffin is left with little choice except to take the man into protective custody. Colt doesn't go willingly, but it isn't long before his captive heart submits to his new master. Will their love be enough to face life threatening danger together?

Chains of Love
by Mercedes Black

The scent filling the bathroom turned him on. Tonight he would become as close to a girl as he could without losing his manhood. He cupped his dick in his hands, smoothing around the outside, stroking it until it became harder and stiffer. He needed to come now, so he would not get a hard on while he was with a guy. White cum spurted from the tip of his cock and he leaned against the tile wall letting the hot water fall over his body, washing away any of the soap residue and the evidence of his cum.

He felt some of the tension leave his body, but knew instinctively it wasn’t going to be enough. He dried himself off and exited the shower. He tried on the clothes, and put on the makeup, first the eye shadow and mascara along with a bit of rouge for his cheeks, and finally a black lipstick. He smacked his lips together admiring his work in the mirror. He looked good, but with the wig of short black gothic styled hair, he looked even better.

He looked more like a girl, than most girls, soft and feminine. He practiced using another voice. It was a different tone and pitch than he usually used, mysteriously sexy. This was going to work.

And then, he just stripped his clothes and jacked off some more. It was only six o’clock so he had plenty of time before the official auction. He put in a favorite gay porn movie, watching the guys fuck each other and he masturbated fast and furious. He came a lot, hoping this would help him keep from getting a hard on if he got with another guy tonight. He came until his dick was limp and ached from the workout he gave it. If that didn’t work, he wasn’t sure what would.

He cleaned himself up once more, and then began dressing again. His thigh high nylons slipped on over each leg, and then he put his penis holder on and his sexy panties over the top.

No one was going to be able to tell he was a man.

He put the corset on, and slipped the 36C fake breasts in on each side. He looked down at his new breasts and grinned. This would have everyone bidding on him in this auction, every straight guy in the room. Then he carefully slipped into the low cut dress and put on the high heels. He looked back one last time at the mirror, admiring his handiwork.

He may have to try doing this on his own free time in the near future and not when he was just looking for a killer. The idea of fucking a straight boy who thought he was a woman was hot.

And nobody could tell him he didn’t look damn good as a woman.


Now available at Smashwords, ARE, Bookstrand, and most major ebook retailors.
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