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Friday, October 17, 2014

Jimmyed Coffin, Mudflat Magic 7, release date Oct. 21. Lock in the price with preorder.
Also, the first book in the series is free on Amazon, Kobo, nook, plus:
The first three books are now in a BookClub edition at a reduced price. You can find all the links on my website at http://phoebematthews.com
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Monday, August 18, 2014

Charmed Lovers (Box Set) by Zenobia Renquist

Charmed Lovers (Box Set) by Zenobia Renquist

Charmed Lovers (Box Set) by Zenobia Renquist
Erotic Vampire Romance, MF
Changeling Press

Buy Link:

With humans caught in a war between vampires and mages, three couples' love endures amidst the chaos.

Humans are caught in an on-going conflict between the vampires and the mages. There are those who want to live together in peace and those who think fighting is much more profitable. Three couples are struggling to make love work amidst the chaos.

Note: This box set contains the previously released novellas Charmed Lover, Trapped Lover, Provoked Lover, Anguished Lover, Forgotten Lover, Determined Lover, and Eternal Lovers of the Caveat Emptor Series.

Zenobia Renquist
Discover Different and Unique Romance & Erotica

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Tesserene Imperative (Book Two of The Imperative Chronicles) is now available on Amazon

It was supposed to be a routine prospecting mission, but in an asteroid belt nothing is routine. 

With 43 billion souls crammed together on Mother Earth and using up natural resources at an unsustainable rate, the essential minerals that support human civilization are in desperately low supply. Tesserene, the mineral that makes starflight travel possible, is especially critical. Without it, humans are effectively imprisoned in their home system. 

When prospecting ship Shamu is almost destroyed in a distant asteroid belt, Swede Johansen and rest of the crew of five are left with three days of air, little water, a smashed starflight drive, and no hope of rescue. It will take every ounce of ingenuity and stubborn pigheadedness they possess to find a way to survive. 

In the shadows of a small moon, an amazing discovery leads to first contact. Will it open the galaxy to human exploration, or doom mankind to extinction?

The Tesserene Imperative is available for Kindle at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MCYMMJ4.  (You can read the first 10% of the book in Look Inside.)

To find out more about the author and his works, visit his website at http://markterencechapman.com, his blog at http://tesserene.blogspot.com, or follow him on twitter at http://twitter.com/MarkTerenceChap.


The Mars Imperative (Book One of The Imperative Chronicles) is now available on Amazon

With 38 billion people choking Planet Earth, civilization is near a breaking point. Mankind's only hope for long-term survival is to expand to the stars; but until then, Earth must mine the solar system for iron, copper, and the many other raw materials needed in daily life.

Enter James McKie, a 23-year-old with a degree in Areology (Martian geology), on his way to his first job in space. Starry-eyed, he looks forward to making his mark on the Red Planet. But first he has to survive the trip there. A mysterious fire aboard his ship leads to a crisis on the giant space elevator high above Mars. When he arrives, he still has to survive the perils of Mars itself: rocks slides and planet-wide dust storms that leave unwary travelers blind in red-out conditions, unable to find their way home before their oxygen runs out. 

And then there's the terrorist. 

In the end, there's an incredible discovery waiting to be made: the key to terraforming the planet for human habitation--if it doesn't kill everyone first.

The Mars Imperative is available for Kindle at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LTATR22

To find out more about the author and his works, visit his website at http://markterencechapman.com, his blog at http://tesserene.blogspot.com, or follow him on twitter at http://twitter.com/MarkTerenceChap.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

White Lightning Fever, by Sineth Killiri

White Lightning Fever

Available on Kindle

Constantly aroused by his animalistic nature, mountain man and moonshiner, Eli Ulbrecht is quick to pounce on the handsome stranger that shows up in his territory. But Ryan Hunt wants to hunt for the one thing Eli cannot let anyone find—a white cougar. While Eli insists there will be no hunting, Ryan’s employer won’t take no for an answer, and Eli isn’t ready to see Ryan leave, so he agrees to help them, finding it the best way to control their search. Besides, how can they find the animal when he is the very beast they hope to capture? 

Big game tracker, Ryan Hunt is on an expedition into the remote wilderness of the Appalachians in search of a rare white cougar when he meets sexy backwoodsman, Eli. He can tell right off that Eli is hiding something mysterious from him about the mountain cat, but the frequent sexual encounters between them are a distraction. And each of their unions builds with aggression, until visions drag him into the ultimately rough and feral mating with a cougar. As he becomes closer with Eli, he’s drawn deeper into Eli’s world of witches and moonshine and magic. But can their sexual connection lead to a lasting love or bring about a fatal end for the hunter and his prey?


Eli Ulbrecht stood guarded and motionless in his cougar form letting the morning shadows of the Smoky Mountain forest conceal him. He nosed a low hanging oak branch aside to stare at the strangers getting out of a mud spattered brown pick-up truck.
Interlopers. It made his hackles rise. The erectile hairs quivered the entire length of his straight feline back. His limited interaction with people put his emotions at odds. When anyone showed up in his claimed territory, he became anxious and on guard. They represented danger—to him, to his moonshine business, but especially to themselves.
Concentrated exhaust fumes filled the air. The noxious odor masked the scent of the human intruders. How would he track them if he lost sight of their whereabouts in the forest?
Agitated, he resisted the urge to pace. The strangers might notice sounds. He waited silently, unready to make his presence known.
In studying their movements, as he did when stalking any prey, he noticed the taller of the two moved clumsily. Twice the towering brawny one stumbled over dead branches on the ground.
The other man seemed steadier. He accomplished the task of unloading gear from the vehicle without one misplaced step. His graceful moves in lifting and carrying attracted Eli. It was his instinct to appreciate agility and his personal preference to admire beauty. The man’s profile showed off the handsome features that made Eli stretch his claws and paw the soft soil silently with desire.
He eyed the handsome man with growing interest. His heart skipped beats as excitement rose within him. The short hairs deep in his hide quivered. To scratch an itch beneath his fur, he raked the side of his muzzle against the bark of a tree.
Eli didn’t want the strangers nosing around his mountain, and yet, a deep longing for a companion gave him reason to debate the issue. Seven months of sexual abstinence made it simple to lust. His throbbing penis slid partly out from its protective sheath under his furry belly. The pointed tip quivered.
Was it possible that a gay man had happened into his region? His growing erection extended farther.
He hadn’t been with a man in a long while. The ones he had met down the mountain in town hadn’t captured his attention for more than a few hours. Finding someone desirable and suitable had limits. His remote residence up in the Smoky Mountains placed him far from society, adding to the difficulties of running into the right kind of fellow. Eli had only considered one lover suitable and that was so long ago, he barely remembered that feeling of oneness as Burl Vaughn fucked him.
 Eli watched the two men remove other items besides their backpacks from the truck bed. He tried to determine their business being there.
Vacationers on an adventure?
Eli had seen others with those intentions, and rarely, did any of them venture this close to his home. He didn’t want anyone disrupting the balance to his life.
Just how had they had traveled so far into the extreme remoteness Appalachian wilderness? The heavily forested mountains had no roads, except for his narrow motorcycle trail. Some of those paths had barely given him the room to pass between trees. These men arrived in a pick-up truck.
Sight of the guns caused a panic in Eli’s thoughts. Hunters. The worse kind of intruders. What had they coming looking for? He ran through a list of the ordinary animals in the region. Rabbit, quail or was it something bigger? Deer were as plentiful as turkey. Maybe bear? He tried not to include what he was in his present condition, but how could he not add mountain lion to the list of possibilities?
Slowly, Eli slinked forward. He ducked beneath the thorny underbrush to get a closer look at the men and their weapons.
Legends of a pale mountain wraith abounded along the Appalachian mountain ranges and many of them were rooted in fact. From accounts of sudden disappearances to haunting ghost stories, there was one tale that fascinated many.
Did they come to hunt for the elusive white cougar?
The story covered a million square miles. No one really had any idea where to start searching. Known as panthers, pumas, catamounts and painters, mountain lions in of themselves were a rarity. Even the fact they called the rare cougar white, showed they didn’t have any facts right. Eli’s fur was a sandy beige. While paler than any cat he’d ever seen, he never considered his coloring white.
Amateurs and experienced huntsmen alike aspired to have a mountain cat mounted as a trophy in their den. Sought by sightseers, photographers and occasionally hunters, the latter being the most treacherous, he was always careful. Had these two men lucked into the area he lived or did they have clues?
Growling from the underbrush wasn’t going to scare these men away and it wasn’t wise to show them the snarling animal he became. Reasoning had to be his first defense, his safest option. He closed his eyes, shook his furry pale hide and willed himself upright out of his cougar form into that of a man. He quietly picked up his clothing from where he had shed it earlier when he had transformed into the cougar. It was often his habit to remove his garments, although on many occasions in his rush, he let his transformation rip his pants and shirts apart at the seams.
With his blood still sizzling and his skin tingling from his molecular change, he dressed within the confines of the shadows. The men had a preoccupation with checking their gear, so no one seemed to notice his almost soundless movements.
The cool springtime air felt good against his hot skin as he worked his pants up and zipped them closed over his still hard cock. He left his shirt unbuttoned. Shoving his feet into his worn slip-on boots, he kept an eye on the strangers.
Not having a plan to make the men leave created apprehensive, but he had no choice. He strode into the clearing hoping inspiration came soon.
The men noticed him immediately. With an expression of surprise on their faces, they advanced cautiously, glancing around, apparently looking for others with him. Their concern made him more uneasy as if they had something to hide.
“We didn’t expect to see anyone around here?” the taller man said as he trudged forward toting a rifle in the crook of his arm. “You a camper?”
“Something like that. I live here,” Eli answered evenly, keeping his nervousness hidden behind a veneer of self-confidence. As a man, he could hold his own in a fight. As a mountain cat, he had an advantage of strength. Neither form had the ability to survive a lethal gunshot.
“You can’t live here.” The man challenged, a scowl furrowing his thick black eyebrows. “This land is part of a national park. The government owns it and people ain’t allowed to live on government land.”
Eli lifted his arm and pointed in the direction they came from. “State park border ends a mile down the mountain,” he told them, thinking they’d not believe anything farther.
“That’s impossible,” the tall man declared. “Government land extends all the way to—”
“Shut up, Hanks.” The other man suddenly spoke in a tone that said he was in charge. “I’m Ryan Hunt and this is Eramus Hanks. He tends to think he knows everything. While I’ll admit, we were under the impression this park covered most of the mountain, we’ll trust your word it doesn’t. I mean who else would know better where land boundaries are than a landowner.”
Eli evaluated the threat of Ryan. His passive tone, unwavering stance and in-charge attitude posed more trouble than that of the blathering idiot’s did. It wasn’t to say that Hanks hadn’t had his facts right. The government did own that part of the territory, but Eli wasn’t going to admit it. He aimed to get the men to leave.
A smile tugged at the corner of Ryan’s mouth and dimpled his cheeks. “Not being government land works for us.”
Eli’s chest tightened. He refrained from rubbing his hand over the center to dispel the sensation.
“We were looking to hunt and private land is much better, isn’t it Hanks?” Ryan continued. “No law against it as long as we got the owner’s permission, right?”
Hanks’ strange laugh lacked the same amusement in his expression. “Yeah, we don’t want to break the law.”
“I don’t allow hunting on my land,” Eli informed them quickly.
Hanks made a disgruntled noise as if he prepared to argue, but Ryan elbowed him in the side, stopping the noise of complaint.
“Not ever? We can pay.” Hit by sunlight in the face, Ryan squint his mesmerizing green eyes until he repositioned his brown hat with a downward tug.
“The land is rough and dangerous.” Eli tried using sound reasoning. “It’s not a good idea unless you’re familiar with the area.”
Eli had more than one motive to keep the men from wandering the forest—his moonshine still. The illegal aspect of the operation never concerned him as much as having trouble with thieves. He lived too out of the way for the government to catch wind of his small business, but the unsavory men he sold his liquor to always gave him strong cause to be suspicious of people.
Only a year back, two men came looking to take over. Having them search for the still in a cave helped him get rid of them easily. All he’d had to do was extinguish their lanterns so they couldn’t see him as a cougar. They left with deep wounds and his warning that if they ever came back he’d let his mountain cats kill them. He never saw either of them again.
A breeze swept Eli’s shirt open, exposing more of his chest. Ryan’s gaze dropped and lingered there. Either Eli’s nipples hardened from the chilling stir of air or Ryan’s scorching stare. The onslaught of desire rolled into his groin. He resisted the urge to adjust his stiffening cock in his pants.
Ryan’s mindless lick of his lips changed Eli’s focus. The obvious sexual interest made it harder to concentrate on ousting the men from the area. Eli had craved the enjoyment of a man and now he had the perfect specimen of one in front of him.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

 Meet the Mudflat Magic neighbors in Guard Dog?,  a FREEBIE of 3 ahort stories.

For more information about my three urban fantasy series, visit my website.


Saturday, September 14, 2013

a unique vampire story with a kickass heroine and a handsome hero

Wasteland Rogue, by Brenda Williamson


...a unique vampire story with a kickass heroine and a handsome hero....

             ...a post apocalyptic wasteland dominated by a new evolutionary species...

...a villainous corporation out to rule the world...

            ...an exciting adventure into a possible future...

Wasteland Rogue

Available from Ellora's Cave

When gorgeous vampire Rye is left for dead in the post apocalyptic wastelands, she’s at the mercy of the sexy man who saves her. With her life in the balance, she voraciously drinks his blood. And while it heals her, his blood also triggers her inherent carnal lust.

The moment Sevrin finds Rye naked in a ditch, he’s intrigued. After letting her gorge on his blood, he experiences strange, spellbinding sexual urges. Then he tastes the succulence of her lips and he’s lost to the need thrumming between them.

As Rye and Sevrin embark on a steamy journey, indulging in every need, they also race to stop a villainous corporation from developing a poison that could wipe out the remainder of mankind.


Sevrin pulled the petrified wood handled knife from the sheath in the side of his boot.

“You better appreciate this,” he said, clenching his jaw as he sliced into the soft flesh of his inner forearm. He held back the groan rumbling to escape his throat. Grasping Rye by the back of her head, he pressed his bloody arm to her mouth, forcing her lips to part. “Drink, dammit.”

Unable to get her started, he put his arm to his mouth. He had never tasted blood beyond the occasional drops that oozed from a split lip obtained in a fight. The salty warm liquid had a metallic flavor, unusual yet palatably sweet.

He jerked back Rye’s head and angled her into position. He stuck his fingers between her lips and pried open her mouth. Helpless and vulnerable, she succumbed to his guidance. Then with a grip on her jaw, he moved his mouth against hers and spit his blood to the back of her throat. He withdrew and waited a few moments.

Her lack of response prompted him to take another hard suck at his wrist. Filling his mouth with more blood, he repeated the insertion of it into Rye’s mouth.

She gagged on the second, larger dose and then gulped. Her tongue shot out and whipped expeditiously over his lips. He leaned in, allowing her frenzied licks to swirl into his mouth. With a wildly smothering kiss, she sucked on his tongue. Drawn to the aggression that matched the uninhibited passion of sex, he held her face. Hit with a ravenous need of his own, he hungrily kissed her.

Rye’s soft lips yielded to the force of his. Her mouth opened to the press of his tongue. For several moments, he licked the interior, savoring the rise in energy between them.

When her teeth scraped his bottom lip a little too hard, the pain stung him out of his irrational indulgence and he jerked back.

Rye let out a ferocious growl of annoyance from the interruption. She grabbed his arm and pressed her wet lips over the cut in his arm. She clawed at his arms and shoulders with greed. Her hold tightened, her fingers dug into his biceps and her moans grew louder as she wildly slurped at the slice in his skin.

An onslaught of unexplainable sensations and emotions gripped him at the same time. Sexual desire became predominant. His pulse hammered away at his insides. A sensual heat spread through his body, strangely timed, yet familiarly exciting.

The tightening in his groin continued. His cock throbbed hard, fighting against the constraint of his pants. He thought of it loose, thrusting into the constrictions of Rye’s cunt. The beat of his heart quickened from the prospect of discovering her vagina a tight, welcoming passage.

Then suddenly, his head went light, his mind dizzy. He forced his thoughts on the pain in his arm, the unnatural draining of his blood. It pried his attention away from the edge of his sexual fantasy and back to Rye feasting on him.

“How much do you need?” he asked, attempting to force her free of his arm. “Rye, how much?”

He thought of what she said, how she told him she’d need too much. Would she deplete him of blood if he let her?

To see if her cuts were healing, he yanked the coat out from between them and chucked it to the back cargo area of the steam-trekker.

Naked beneath him, Rye writhed with gluttonous delight. For a moment, he thought of her pride, her concerns of someone watching her in this state. He better understood her wish to hide this primal side of her lamian species. But did she not realize humans were also mindless victims to the euphoria of a different pleasure?

He examined her visible wounds. Their healing was the best indicator for setting a limit to her intake of his blood.

“That’s enough,” he said when he saw the worse gashes in her belly had already healed shut.

He tried pulling his arm from her mouth again but she had sunk her teeth into his flesh, using them as anchors.

“You have to stop, Rye.” He tugged and twisted, struggling to get her unhooked.

She fought his attempt and remained latched on.

In a rise of panic, Sevrin grabbed a fistful of her dirty hair and wrenched her head back, ripping her teeth out of his arm.

She hissed with infuriation.
He had never seen a lamian look as feral and dangerous as she did or as intensely desirable.


~ Seductive in Any Era ~

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Her Fated Cowboy by Donna Michaels

Her Fated Cowboy by Donna Michaels

For the Love of Military Romance: Guest Author Donna Michaels

For the Love of Military Romance: Guest Author Donna Michaels: Hello everyone, Thank you so much FTLOMR for allowing me to Guest Blog today. My name is Donna Michaels. I’m an author of Rom...