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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An Evil Little Story... ;-)

So I was at the museum of science and industry when I met this little girl. See her there?

I meandered next to my mother who was worked up about what capitalism had to do with the price of tea in China... literally. Mama was really discussing the price of tea... in China... and what it said about the red country's treatment of capitalism.

And I was listening. Intently. A furrow in my brow even, as I tried to build my rebuttal.

Then I saw her. The little girl in miniature standing in a flowing creek, just beyond a rock, nearly missed in a sea of decadent flora, fauna, and brilliantly obstructed mechanics.
I grabbed my mother's arm and stopped her. In the middle of asking me, "hey, what are you dot dot dot " her words turned into a curious, "Why hello there."

"Don't startle her," I snapped with a short whisper. Slowly, and with great care, I neared the edge of the creek, and crouched there. At first I was silent, watching, unsure what the sprite would do if I spoke to her.

The little girl was shy and still. Her face washed free of color as if she were frightened. "You see me?" She asked in a tone as low and soothing as the babble of the brook around her.
I nodded and held out my hand cautiously. The little girl leaned over the rock to inspect my fingers. She leaned back again when my mother squatted beside me.

"What are you doing in there?" My mother asked distracting her.

The tiny soul answered my mother, but still she studied me suspiciously as I dug around in my purse for something. When I found what I was looking for, it was in my hand before the little girl could tell me no.

I pressed a button. I used my magic before she could counteract it with her own.

Then the little girl turned to stone.
But her spirit is mine now, captured forever in my Blackberry.
The End.

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Love ya!
Grayson Reyes-Cole
Bright Star
When evil is done for the greater good, a price must always be paid.


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