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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Carpe Scrotum!

I'm sorry to be so basic, but what does a werewolf's vasectomy have to do with an alien king's now-you-see-it (now-you-don't) genitalia?

Cindy Spencer Pape and I were chatting for half an hour this afternoon on http://internetvoicesradio.com about Cindy's book Curses and my new release Knight's Fork

In fact, Cindy has a new release tomorrow: an Ellora's Cavemen Jewels of the Nile anthology, and we talked about that a bit, but I was fascinated by the vasectomy, and also by the idea that a werewolf's powers of regeneration are so great that he can spontaneously reverse his surgery (despite cutting, cauterizing, capping off with a little plastic plug, and stitching).

My obscene curiosity is one reason I love writing speculative romance! For me, biology is the science in science fiction romance.

Knight's Fork was released (prematurely) by Amazon this week. In it, my heroine faces an unusual twist on the Royal need to breed, because her king isn't impotent or old or anything like that... he is simply the wrong species.

And he does have retractable wedding tackle. I got the idea from the ancient Samurai and improved upon it, so he can voluntarily (or involuntarily) take on the appearance of a Ken Doll.

If that idea seems unromantic, no worries. The King is not the hero.

KNIGHT'S FORK is a page-turner from the very first one to the very last. I enjoyed it so much, after I reached the last page I started right from the beginning again. KNIGHT’S FORK has it all! If you only have time to read one book this season, I highly recommend you run out and grab a copy today.

~Kimberly Leslie


Rowena Cherry

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