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Friday, October 22, 2010

My Abandoned Love: Fantasy

Recently, I have been blessed with some really good news for my writing career. I have a new contract for my contemporary, interracial romance Inside Out coming to a bookstore near you in June 2011. I have a couple of novels The Prescription Playboy and The Builder with Lyrical Press, Inc, that I truly enjoyed writing and have been well received by reviewers. It's all very exciting and I am happy and grateful.

Now, though, the pressure is on (internal pressure applied to me by me, lol)to get back to something more dark and meaty and fantastic! My debut novel, Bright Star, is dark fantasy and it is twisted and it was a little sexy and I was in love with it. The follow up novel, Domina, however, is still here on my laptop, awaiting some final edits and tweaks. It's calling to me, beckoning even. And the longer I do not respond, the more it feels as if I've abandoned the line. I haven't, but, alas, I am swept up in a maelstrom of successful contemporary romance.

Don't get me wrong, I love my contemporary romance or I wouldn't write it. I adore it. But, I also adore dark and thoughtful fantasy. So, what's a girl to do?

Not sleep, I think. It's probably best that I stay awake as long as possible and perhaps cut half my day into contemporary romance and the other half into fantasy? Think that'll work? No? Not so feasible? OK, so maybe not.

My real plan is to complete one more contemporary romance then focus on completing Domina, getting it published. But first, you may want to read Bright Star to get prepared for the second book which delves deeper into a source of evil we can all understand: good intentions. Look for it next year!

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Grayson Cole

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