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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One of the Most Outrageous Examples Of Piracy Ever

Here is an egregious example of a shameless copyright infringer advising others how to make money over the internet.

General Chat - How Do We Make A Living ONLINE

"Max" writes (and I quote under the Fair Use provisions of the law, for the purposes of education and commentary and reportage)

I have been making a living online for around 10 years now. You are right, it's not easy!
It takes a lot of time and patience. One thing I have noted over the years is that its important to build a database of 'members' or customers, and keep in touch with them, but only when you have something useful to say!

I have used 'freebies' or 'giveaways' to entice people to join my services. This works well as it cost's absolutely nothing to giveaway a free book (for example), but you can guarantee that they will read your next email!

Over the years I have managed to build a small 'stable' of steady online businesses (I am a strong believer in 'bread and butter' income, and not the 'fast buck' ideas... which rarely work anyway!) through shear hard work and countless hours. I love the web and it's possibilities, however, you must always keep in mind, that its those people with money, are generally the ones who get the exposure, since they throw big bucks at their online projects for marketing campaigns

The answer to this, is to find a real niche, then put your all into it!

Marketing Chat appears to be a "sponsor" of a book giveaway site, and since "Marketing Chat" links fold back to the freebie site, and to the home page and yahoogroup of the known and blatant copyright infringers most recently known as "BooksForNothing" I infer that Max is linked to the freebie master.

In fact, they post

Dear Members

This should make you feel that membership is worthwhile!

Here is 106 Free Business Books (you have to join their free Yahoo group first, but you will be amazed at the 1000's of books they give away, including other books like fiction, crafts, audio books etc!)

This selection of biz books is quite extensive, and there is definitly something there for everyone!


YAHOO has refused to do a thing about this brazen, copyright infringing YAHOOGROUP for years. When I reported the group to YAHOO, yahoo banned me!

You many well be amazed at the 100's of books they give away... but the fact is, most of these books are given away by persons who have no right whatsoever to give those books away, and they do so in knowing and blatant violation of the authors' and publishers' rights.

GOOGLE, YAHOO, PAYPAL, FILESONIC all profit from this piracy, and all either drag their heels or do nothing to put a stop to this rampant, deliberate piracy, while Movie companies, Book Publishers, Software Manufacturers, Musicians, and others are ripped off.

They post this message:

Please note: Our pages get shut down on a regular basis (the book companies do not like us!) so join the club (form below) and you will never miss out on the latest goodies!
Seeing the above, can there be any doubt that they are aware that they are infringing copyright? Why would any reasonable person think that book companies would be successful in getting files deleted, if not for DMCA notices?

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